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A company born from experience 
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Our story 

The GTB was formally established in 1985, but its origins actually date back to 1966. It was started by Pietro Tomola, third-born of a family of breeders, who, in order to round off the wages earned in the factory, spent the evenings in the stable, where he placed the first manual lathe turning candleholders together with his uncle Piero. 

In 1976 the "Tomola Pietro" - the first name of the company - moved into the basement of the house. The workshop specializes in slab turning and establishes itself in the cemetery sector. Vases, “bussolotti”, lids are the first turned products, under the eyes of his sons, Beniamino and Giuliano, who prefer to spend their afternoons at the lathe rather than with friends. 

In their early 20s, they decide to continue on the family road. They invest in the activity, buying in Turin the first semi-automatic lathe, the affectionate "Caboni". It's 1985 and there's no more space under the house: so, the works for the first shed begin. The history of the GTB, acronym of Giuliano Tomola Beniamino, can officially begin.

At the beginning, production was limited to the cemetery sector, but then over the years it arrived on the housewares market. The fairs in nearby Domodossola and Milan are the showcase through which the lathe industry begins to make itself known and grow. The plant is enriched with a new wing and above all with a numerical control machine: it is the M&M, brought home from Holland for 335 thousand florins. 

1994 marks the first turning point. Technological innovation drove the company into other sectors, from promotional items and catering, through the textile and lighting industry to filtering systems.

In the early 2000s, the shed was no longer suitable for the development of GTB: machinery, materials and employees no longer found space. So begins the construction of a new factory of 2500 sqm of production area and 500 sqm of offices. In 2005, twenty years after its birth, the company moves. 

It is the real quality leap, but Pietro will only be able to live it for a year. Since 2006, his sons Beniamino and Giuliano have been the only ones to run the company.

Thanks to the purchase of sophisticated machinery that found space in the large factory, the company broke into other markets. But technology is not enough. What makes the difference in GTB are the expert hands of the bar-turners, who pass on their knowledge to younger workers, ready to learn with interest what we call an art, turning. 

In recent years, the high-precision parts made in Pieve Vergonte have also entered the aeronautical and naval sectors: it is the first challenge won in the new Millennium, but we firmly believe that it will not be the only one.

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