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Imagination rules the world.
From a piece of flat, lifeless sheet metal...

We give life to special pieces

Thirty years of experience in metal turning and the combination of tradition and innovation guaranteed by a wide range of machinery, allows us to extend production to the most diverse sectors and to shape it in relation to customer requirements.

We process stainless steel and alloy steels, aluminium and respective alloys, iron, brass and titanium.

All materials are C.E. certified. 

Thanks to the "zero kilometer" synergy with local craftsmen and companies, we carry out external processes such as cleaning, polishing, painting, galvanic treatments (anodizing, galvanizing, chrome-plating, satin-finishing) and laser cutting. 

When we do not have suitable shapes, we are able to make new moulds internally to design.

The real added value of GTB, however, are not the technologies, although always in step with the times, but the expertise acquired over the years handed down from the most experienced turners to the youngest workers.

Discover the raw materials we use
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